Ward residents deserve better than the substandard infrastructure developers have left behind. The city must take the lead to ensure quality workmanship is handed over by the developer, because our taxes are needlessly driven up repairing shoddy workmanship such as this.

When I talked with folks I know in this Neebing neighbourhood about what issues they have no one really seemed to have many complaints until I started to point out things like this light standard which clearly need to be addressed.  Once again this is the developer's originl infrastructure.

The simple addition of lights along stretches of Mountain Rd would do much to improve safety for the many people who walk here in the evening.

The city pays out large sums every year to settle vehicle damage claims from situations like this one.  Even more frustrating is that this is infrastructure laid by a developer only a few years ago.

Was there ever a plan for a secondary access in Parkdale?  

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