To combat crime in the city will require a short term and long term approach.  The long term approach focuses on growing the blue collar economy to provide good jobs for people currently falling behind, it also focuses on the city investing proactively in youth programming and engagement to prevent our young people slipping down the wrong path.


In the short term the city will need to focus on disruption operations to make organized criminal activity less attractive by increasing the cost of "doing business" here in the city for organized crime.  A serious effort should be made to enforcing,  health standards ,  property standards, and fire safety standards in housing to both improve the quality of accomodation here in the city and disrupt crime in our city.

More controversially, the city should press the Attorney General of Ontario to aggressive apply the process of civil forfeiture here in the city.  The province should also be pushed to return these proceeds back to our community as we saw with the Former Hells Angels clubhouse.  Once a place which inspired fear and trepidation, it now serves as the home of Evergreen A United Neighbourhood, who's work with youth in the community helps pave the way to a better future for kids in  Thunder Bay.


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