I was born and raised in Thunder Bay, and like many my age I moved away searching for a brighter future.  During my time away I served with the Canadian Forces and had the opportunity to live and work across Canada (and the world).  While I was away a realization dawned on me; Thunder Bay was where I wanted to be.

So 14 years ago I made the difficult decision to forgo a secure future in favour of following my heart back to Thunder Bay.  There have been challenges re-establishing myself in Thunder Bay, but I sure am glad I did!

I relish the opportunities I have had to contribute to my community since returning and I hope to expand my contributions to the success of our city as your councillor in the McKellar Ward.

I want to make the choice to stay in Thunder Bay the natural one for our youth and to see the promise of our past finally re-emerge.  But I need your help to do it, to find out more about me and to join my team to bring Thunder Bay the change it needs I invite you to visit me online at www.robinrickards.ca.


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